Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I LOVE September

Summer is drawing to a close. Labor Day is around the corner. Some kids have already started school. Semptember is coming! For me, that means two things (in this order).

1. My birthday (September 21st)
2. New TV

My birthday is always exciting. It’s even moreso this year as my favorite show, Glee, premieres on my birthday, and Maroon 5, one of my favorite bands, releases their third CD, Hands All Over, that same day. But enough about my birthday (honestly, I can never get enough of my birthday, but I digress), this post is about #2. Fall TV.

To be honest, there isn’t that much TV I’m excited about this year. The fourth (and exciting) season Mad Men is already in full swing. As far as returning shows, I’m looking forward to Glee, Fringe, Castle and Parenthood. I’m a little less excited about Grey’s Anatomy, House, 30 Rock, and Desperate Housewives (even though the addition of Vanessa Williams to Wisteria Lane does make my heart beat a little faster).

As far as new shows, there are only three I’m planning on watching (and two of them are coming on at the same time so one will have to be DVRed) and kind of excited about.

Monday, 9:00 PM, FOX
A cute conman (newcomer James Wolk who reminds me of a younger Kyle Chandler), plays a conman caught between two lives and two women, deep in the heart of Texas. The buzz on the show has been amazing and with a supporting cast that includes David Keith and John Voight, I’m on board. It’s been a while since we’ve had a big ole Texas-sized nighttime soap and I, for one, think it’s about time. It’s Dallas for the new millennium.

The Event
Monday, 9:00 PM, NBC
I don’t know what ‘the event’ really is … except it has something to do with aliens, but the promos have me intrigued, that, and Blair Underwood as the POTUS. A good conspiracy show is always a good time (when it’s good). I’m willing to give this show a chance; I hope NBC does the same. I hope I don’t get all into it just to have them pull it prematurely!

Wednesday, 8:00 PM. NBC
Produced by Lost’s own J.J. Abrams, Undercovers is sort of like Mr. and Mrs Smith gone TV. Married couple, impossibly good looking who both happen to be international spies. From the promos, add to the mix exotic locales, lots of action, and dare I say it, a splash of fun. I’m totally dating myself here but I’m hoping for a few shades of the old Hart to Hart.

What are you looking forward to seeing this fall (or more importantly, what are you planning to get me for my birthday!).

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