Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Before I start, let me state upfront, I’m a sports girl. I get it. I am not that girl that jumps up after a touchdown and screams “Goal!” Having said that, the only part of last night’s festivities I really enjoyed was the game itself. The way it started, I thought we were in for a boring, high scoring shut out but the Steelers rallied back and made the game interesting and fun!

I was born and raised in Cleveland, so there are two things I can never be - a Steelers fan and a Ravens fan. Needless to say, the right team won.

Here's another confession. I cannot make any sense of Roman numerals. Seriously, it took several Google searches plus counting on my fingers to figure out how XLV got to be 45. Hell, as far as I was concerned XLV could have stood for the Extra Large Version. Anyway...

Xtina, Xtina, Xtina ... Christina Aguilera’s rendition of the National Anthem was ... a hot, loud mess. I get that the girl has a powerful voice, there’s no denying that. Does that mean she has to over sing everything? Geez! And if over singing wasn’t bad enough, over singing the wrong lyrics on the National Anthem is beyond embarrassing. Lea Michelle did a better job on America the Beautiful. Again, it wasn’t an amazing job, but it was respectful, and sung on key, with all the right lyrics.

Let's move on to halftime, shall we? I’ve got a feeling that the Black Eye Peas aren’t a great live band. While they had a great set and dancers, I found there set lacked a little of the whole “Boom, Boom Pow.” Slash? Really? Fergie’s version of Sweet Child of Mind made me miss Axl Rose (and that’s hard to do ). But OMG! The best part about the half time show was Usher.

What was really disappointing were the commercials. The little Darth Vader boy didn’t do it for me, nor did the two Eminem commercials (seeing him in cartoon form was just unnerving). There wasn't much to recommend. I had to go back and review the commercials to find a few that were memorable. So, here they are. Just click on the title, if you want to view the commercial.

NFL Best Fans Ever: I love a bit of nostalgia, so it was great to see all my favorite old TV shows from Happy Days to Seinfeld in this commercial. I mean, I can never see enough of Marsha Brady getting hit in the face with that football. Classic!

Cowboys and Aliens: Damn, this movie looks good. Cowboys AND Aliens? Great combo! Plus, we get a non-Bond Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. I'm really looking forward to this one.

Sealy Posterpedic After Glow: Simple, sexy and straight to the point. What can I say? It had me almost ready to go out and buy a new mattress!

Worst Commercial of the Superbowl:
Pepsi Max: Love Hurts: I'm a Coke girl all the way, but if I was drinking Pepsi, I wouldn't be after this. I was offended from beginning to end. As a black woman, I am tired of the whole evil-unlovable-neck-twisting-attitude-having black woman ... and she was the star of this sorry spectacle. Next we have her husband, who was portrayed through most of the commercial as a spineless wuss. Yet at the end, he can't help but stare at the blonde jogger who sits down next to him ... because we know black men can't resist a blonde (especially when his wife is one of Hell's Minions). And in the most offensive move of all, Satan's Spawn, who sees her husband throw a flirtatious glance the jogger's way, throws a can of Pepsi Max at his wimpy head. He ducks and she knocks the white girl in a head, knocking her to the ground. The couple grabs hands and run off, like a pair of criminals, leaving the woman holding her head on the ground. And how exactly, does this make me want to drink a Pepsi Max?

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IndyHazle said...

Totally agree with you on the Pepsi Max commercial.
On the Darth Vader and Cowboys and Aliens you are waaaaaaay off the mark.