Friday, January 4, 2013

Oops ... I Forgot!

I was looking at my last post and realize I forgot several programs that I really am looking forward to.

Catfish (Monday, January 7, MTV, 11:00 pm): I've only seen trailers and excerpts of the documentary, Catfish, but I know the story. A young man (Nev) was duped by a woman he 'fell in love with' online. Of course, the dowdy middle-aged housewife was nothing even remotely close to the hot young thing she claimed to be. In fact, she had lied about almost everything. Now, Nev, together with MTV, is helping people meet and uncover the truth about their online loves.

I cannot stop watching this show. The only thing more amazing than people willing to maintain a relationship, in some cases for years, with someone they've never met is the lengths people will go to to lie and manipulate someone else. A new episode airs this Monday night and I can't wait!

Scandal (Thursday, January 10, ABC, 10:00): I got hooked on Scandal when it debuted late last season. It started off strong but since then, it's really picked up momentum. Kerry Washington is a crisis management expert who can manage any crisis but has a much harder time managing her own life. With her true love, The President of the United States, fighting for his life after an assassination attempt and one of her staff members being blamed for it, she'll have her hands full Thursday night!

Nashville (Wednesday, January 9, ABC, 10:00): I can't say that I am a country music fan, but over the past few years, I've come to really appreciate it. However, it says something when a show called Nashville can stand on its own, outside of the music. Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, play a country music icon and a country It Girl who will eventually have to work together (it helps that they can't stand each other). It also has family drama and politics thrown into the mix.It also has Powers Boothe as a powerful and corrupt family patriarch.

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Love scandal. I think scripted series will make a comeback. Hey Diva miss WOTS messageboard