Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Running Wilde

Running Wilde (FOX)
Tuesday 9:30 PM

What it’s about: From the creators of Arrested Development, two long lost lovers reconnect as opposites (she’s a humanitarian and philanthropist) he’s still a spoiled rich kid.

What I thought about it: There were two really big problems with this show. Big Problem #1, it’s a comedy but it wasn't very funny. One attempt at comedy involved a miniature horse and it seemed to just drag on. But oh, this isn’t just a comedy, it’s a romantic comedy, which brings me to Big Problem #2.There was absolutely no chemistry between Will Arnett and Keri Rusell. I’ve seen more chemistry between a business woman and a homeless guy forced to sit next to each other on the subway. Running Wilde should be running off the FOX schedule very quickly.

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