Monday, April 9, 2012

Yea!!! Boo!!! Meh...

The fall TV season is all about new shows. Spring is all about which shows will be renewed and which will be cancelled. If I were using a Magic 8-Ball, I'd be stoked, if I'd asked it about any of the following shows being renewed. The answer would be "Certainly."

Glee: This was a given but it’s always good news.

Once Upon a Time: I’ll say it. It’s my new favorite show. Do not call me Sundays at 8:00 PM!

Kitchen Nightmares: What’s a Friday night without Gordon Ramsey? Damn, I need a life… However, until I get one I’ll be watching Gordo try to save some truly nasty eateries!

Castle: As we race towards the season finale, it looks like our star-crossed lovers might finally get it together … which  means a whole new dynamic next season. Think of the possibilities!

Smash: I wasn’t sure Smash would be a smash. However, I find myself looking forward to this on Monday nights. I’m definitely a fan.

Now, this next group of shows hasn’t been officially renewed yet, but if we were using an old Magic 8 Ball, the answer would be “All signs point to Yes.”

Raising Hope: I have several LOL moments in every episode. 

The New Girl: I had concerns at first, but this has developed into a nice little comedy. And, it’s actually funny.

The Voice: I don’t think it’s in any jeopardy of not returning, however, after two successful seasons I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few changes to the coach/judges in those spinning red chairs.

The Celebrity Apprentice: My guiltiest of guilty pleasures will most likely be back with its mix of tired musical divas, reality stars, former beauty queens and retired athletes plus a few other where-has-he-been-I-thought-he-was-dead D list celebrities.

You remember when you asked the 8-Ball a really good question and then got ticked off when it told you to “Try Again Later”? Well, these shows are on the Bubble, which means they could go either way.

GCB: Good Christian B****es is funny as all get-out. I am really pulling for it to come back in the fall. I just hope it stays comedic and doesn’t add too much drama to the mix.

Scandal: Saw the first episode on Thursday and loved it. Given that the first episode debuted the first week of April, the verdict is still out on this one. Kerry Washington is amazing!

Fringe: Someone I’ve managed to follow the twisted alternate universe, changing time lines storyline (but don’t ask me to explain it). Yes, I want it to come back, but I think I’ll be okay if it doesn’t.

Finally, remember asking the Magic 8-Ball if that guy in third period study hall lkiked you and becoming positively crestfallen when it comes back a very definititive and heart-breaking “The answer is No.” Well, that is exactly what these shows can expect.

Awake: I really wanted to like Awake. Steve Harris, one of my favorite actors, is in it. However, if I’m being honest Awake barely kept me awake. I’m not surprised that it won’t be renewed.

Alcatraz: I was really getting into this show and, they go and pull the plug. It needed at least one more season. Better yet, move it to Fridays and pair it with Fringe.

If you didn't see your favorite show on my list, check out the TV Renewal Scorecard over at TVLine.

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