Monday, July 9, 2012

From Contestant to Judge???

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert's name is being bandied about as a potential replacement for Jennifer Lopez. If he lands the deal, I believe he'll be the first contestant to make the leap across the stage to become a judge.

I think he'd probably make a good judge too. From what I've seen in interviews, he doesn't pull any punches. Plus, I think he'd push the contestants to take some chances and bring some much needed pizzazz to their performances. Let's face it. It's about the singing but it's about more than that. Consider that Adam, the theatrical one has had more success than the past two or three Idol winners combined. Name the past three winners. I dare you.

Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. We could be looking at an entirely new judges table come January. Steven Tyler's return is up in the air. I've also heard that stalwart Randy Jackson may be sacrificed in an attempt to raise last year's poor ratings!

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