Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here Comes the Judge ... or Judges!

If Mimi brings the 'girls' to the Idol
judging table, she might need two
Well, it looks as if, right now, Randy Jackson is sitting by himself at the American Idol judges table. Both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have announced that they won’t be back leaving two empty chairs and their corresponding Coca-Cola cups.

Rumors are rampant about possible replacements.

Mariah Carey: She’s a good friend of Randy’s and the Idol producers are said to be in hot pursuit.
DivaSoulSista: This would be a huge coup for the show. She has the success and the musical ability to make a phenomenal judge. Plus, the regular hours will allow her more time to spend with the kiddies.

Charlie Sheen: Rumors abound but there is no proof that Idol is courting him.
DivaSoulSista: Hell no and HELL NO! Charlie Sheen??? Seriously???? What musical background does he have. He’s a train wreck. I would boycott Idol for the first time if he were a judge.

Will.i.am: His name is being bandied about and he has worked with Idol contestants several times to assist Jimmie Iovine.
DivaSoulSista: I’d like to see him in this role. When he’s been on with Jimmie he’s given great advice, been very engaged and focus. Plus, he’s a proven hitmaker.

Fergie: She’s will.i.am’s bandmate in the Black Eyed Peas and a formidable solo artist.
DivaSoulSista: She could be good as long as she isn’t too nice.

Miley Cyrus: I’ve heard that she’s been approached.
DivaSoulSista: Ummm, no. Sure,she’d be a great catch for the younger demographic, but that’s not me.

Adam Lambert: He (and Clay Aiken) prove that #2 ain’t so bad. He was one of the first ones mentioned for a spot at the judges table.
DivaSoulSista: I was a Lambert fan and loved his musicality and theatricality.

Aretha Franklin: Idol hasn’t approached her but she has said she was interested … but only if she could bring pal Patti LaBelle.
DivaSoulSista: She is the Queen of Soul but, I’ve heard, she’s also a hellacious diva. Maybe a good choice if they can rein her in.

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