Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Baaccckkk! ... Well, Almost

I will be the first to admit when I heard the rumors that Jennifer Lopez and then Steven Tyler were being considered for the coveted judge positions on American Idol, I laughed and kept it moving. Lopez? Really? Isn’t there a romantic comedy, or two or three that she should be starring in or maybe another CD she needs to run off to the studio to make? And Aerosmith frontman, Tyler, a real rock-n-roll Skeletor (seriously, I look at him and it’s Halloween every day). Really? I chuckled and said, “Dream On.”

When I found out that these were really the judges, for the first time since the show began I considered boycotting it. In fact, part of me is still contemplating an American Idol blackout. But then, I saw this promo for the new season and I remembered why I’m such an Idol fan.

It isn’t about the judges. It isn’t about the practically insufferable Ryan Secrest. It’s about the contestants. It’s about finding a favorite and seeing how far they can go. This promo wisely sidesteps the judge drama and goes back to what made Idol, Idol.

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