Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Sweeps are Upon Us!

Wow! Time flies! I looked up and realized it was November 4th. Sweeps month has already started, a fact I was reminded of when a good friend of mine reminded me that tonight is the raw post-rape episode of Private Practice. So, we’re in for four weeks of all new programming chock-full of grittiness, guest starts and plot changes.

Tonight, in addition to PP, Mad Men’s John Slatterly will boldly go where co-star Jon Hamm has already gone before and guest star on 30 Rock as a candidate for the House of Representatives.

On Bones this month, Wayne Knight (the infamous Newman from Seinfeld) guest stars and before the month is over, someone will be shot!

Lyle Lovett plays an X-Files-like FBI agent on the November 15th episode of Castle where he interferes with a murder investigation/possible alien abduction.

Cougartown celebrates Jules (Courtney Cox) 42nd birthday and later in the month, she tries to put a romantic twist on Thanksgiving dinner.

Dancing with the Stars comes to an end but before you have the chance to miss it, you’ll have Skating with the Stars to look forward to!

On Glee, Puck is sprung from the juvenile pokie. We get to see more of football coach Beastie and we get Gwyneth Paltrow guess starring as a substitute teacher who covers Cee-Lo Green’s F**k You. Plus, love could be in the air for Kurt.

Get scoop on more shows, like, Dexter, Chuck, Hellcats, Gossip Girl and more at Zap2It.

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