Saturday, November 6, 2010

Underperforming Undercovers Canceled

They tried but it didn’t work. The J.J. Abrams produced Undercovers just didn’t catch on. Thirteen episodes were ordered and that will be all. Abrams, the producer of Lost, Alias and Fringe. The show will air its final three episodes over the next few weeks.

Personally, I think Abrams fans didn’t want what Abrams had to offer. Fans of Lost, Fringe and even Alias like the intricacy and the complexity of Abrams shows. However, this time around he was offering light and breezy and Abrams fans weren’t looking for light and breezy. Unfortunately, neither was anyone else.

I had held out hope that the series might catch on about a month ago when NBC ordered four more episodes. However, 13 proved to be an unlucky number and that’s a shame. The show was gorgeous, like its two leads Boris Kodjoe and Gugu-Mbatha Raw. The script was getting better and the show had a fun Hart to Hart feel that I appreciated.

Too bad more people didn’t tune in.

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Anonymous said...

I am brokenhearted over thisaad