Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's Missing

Steven Tyler isn't that funny.
Bring back the bad auditions!
I'm about to watch tonight's episode of American Idol. While ratings have fallen off a bit, it's still the #1 show in it's time slot and it still rakes in some killer numbers. Yet something is missing ... and no, for me, it isn't Simon Cowell and it certainly isn't Paula Abdul. For the audition shows, what is missing for me is humor. What is missing is the fun.
In past seasons, I've looked forward to Idol audition shows for the mixture of auditions ... for the highs and the lows. Part of the fun of the audition shows is watching the bad auditions, just like part of the fun of Hollywood Week is watching the drama and group implosions.

This season has been light on bad auditions and very heavy on sob story packages for the contestants that made it through. The packages are part of the auditions that I hate the most and it seems like we've had them in droves. I mean the girl that lived in the tent, the boy who was born without ears. Really???

Stop trying to tug at my hard strings and bring back the bad singers!

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