Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice: Week 2 - Gettin' Medieval!

The very metrosexual Arsenio Hall
I don't really want to recap the episode. It takes to long and frankly there are other sites that do it better. However, I do want to leave you with some of my impressions. So let's cut to the chase. 

The task involved creating a show for Medieval Times. Unanimous (the men’s team) chose Penn Teller as the project manager. The ladies of team Forte selected Lisa Lampanelli as their project manager. The guys won. Yet last night’s episode left me with a lot of questions.

1.      Was Arsenio Hall wearing lipstick? (I swear this bothered me for the entire time the men were in the boardroom)
2.      How did James Lipton of Inside the Actors Studio get picked to judge this task?
3.      Is it me or did Dee Snider make a halfway decent looking woman?
4.      If George Takei is an actor, how come he can’t memorize a couple of lines?
5.      Why did Lisa Lampanelli act like she was teaching kindergarteners (only one person is allowed to speak at a time? Really?)
6.      Why didn’t Penn call Teller? I would have liked to see him in this task.
7.      What did the motorcycle have to do with Medieval Times? It didn’t look that medieval to me.
8.      Exactly how much work has Debbie Gibson had? Aren’t we around the same age?
9.      Is it possible for Aubrey O-Day not to have that shocked somebody-just-ran-up-behind-me-and-shouted-boo look?
10.  Why the hell do I find this show so damn entertaining????

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