Monday, March 19, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice: Big Lou's Debut!

Lou proves that masculine
men can mop. I do question
the apron though...
After weeks of being maligned, Lou Ferrigno finally stepped up to the plate as project manager. The task wasn’t tailor made for the big guy but he was up for the challenge. O Cedar challenged Forte and Unanimous to create viral videos for their new mop. For Forte, Tia Carrere stepped up.

Here are 5 things I gleaned from this episode:

  1. Clay Aiken has some kahunas. He actually defended Lou and accused his other teammates of wanting him to fail (which they did). He then confronted Penn Teller and called him on his ‘condescending attitude.’ I’m not sure I think Penn is condescending (see next point) but I didn’t expect Aiken to be the one to step up and say anything about anyone. Kudos to him.
  2. Poor Penn. He is good. Really good. And I think the guys know it and I think they are intimidated by it. I don’t think that makes him condescending. I have him pegged to win it all. And I think the guys see that too. He’s the only one who actually seems to bring some thought and strategy to the tasks.
  3. I am now convinced that Arsenic is wearing lipstick. I now want to know why.
  4. Aubrey O’Day. Oh Brother! The ego on that chick is unreal and to call people, especially other women, out on their age was below a low blow. She has been a good team player and a creative contributor but her ego will be her downfall. The sad/funny/ironic thing is that she won’t realize it. She’ll be driving off in that limo talking about how awesome she was and how all the ‘old’ women couldn’t compete with her. Whatever! Mark my words, it will happen.
  5. Sword throwing needs to be disallowed. Last week, Adam Carolla threw himself on the sword and pretty much gave up and, of course, was fired. This week, Tia Carerre did it. It isn’t noble. It’s cowardly. This is a competition. Compete!

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