Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice - Week 3: Window Dressing

Beam him up!
We entered last night’s episode’s with the ladies of team Forte coming off of a two-game losing streak. This task was tailor made for the girls. Both teams had to design two window displays featuring live models that showcased Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and accessories.

Team Unanimous were unanimous that none of their members knew a thing about fashion (except maybe Arsenio … but, then again, not really). When George Takei stepped up as the Project Manager, the countdown started, because his ride in the fateful limo was imminent.

Arsenio claimed to know how to dress the ladies. Their two displays were supposed to show how Ivanka’s line could go from day to night. However, he selected a bunch of work-looking clothes for the night scene. Basically, they looked like they went from day to night without having time to change.

Penn Teller is a relentlessly rude and condescending atheist and I can’t stand him for that. However, I’m liking him more and more each week on this show. He had a great idea to use twins for the day to night displays. In a word: genius.

Debbie Gibson is two years younger than me. Yet, I am horrified by how haggard she looks on an HDTV. When they were selecting who among the team members who would be featured in the displays, she was kind of upset that they didn’t choose her. Really? Let’s see, you have a supermodel, a former Miss Universe, and a young singer within the right demographic and she actually thought she had a chance. Ha!

Poor George. He just didn’t know what to do. He spent a lot of time just standing around. He never went over to check on the guys that were building the display. And, when he had to explain his display to Ivanka and the other judge, he was so tongue-tied he couldn’t even remember Clay Aiken’s name.

Speaking of Clay, every time I look at him, I’m confused. He had to have had some work done but I can’t put my finger on it. That, and the fact that he should never have facial hair, it’s not a good look. Never, never, never!

I am also still thinking that Arsenio is wearing lipstick. From a couple of shots, he seemed like it might have been the color of his lips, then in other shots it looked like he had on full lipstick (and not just a chap stick). It’s an enigma.

Shout out to Dee Snider. He had surgery on his finger and still came back. He didn’t do much (besides have surgery) but he didn’t quit and that is saying something. Tragically, the guys could have used his input on dressing women.

Of course, the ladies won and Takei is history. 


Mr Right said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, let's see, maybe Debbie don't has the face of a girl, but she has the body of a model. Aubrey has the age but don't have the shape. Agree with the option of Dayana cause she is gorgeous. I don't like Patricia even when she is a model, she has a sad and tired face. Anyway, I rather Debbie over Aubrey, and watching some old videos i found this:

here appears Arsenio hosting and Debbie dancing and singing, she was super hot when younger...Aubrey come here and learn something about being a singer.

DivaSoulSista said...

Anon, you make a good point. Debbie still has a nice figure and Aubrey's isn't that great. She's definitely not as amazing as she thinks she is. Patricia, I don't know how to put my finger on it, but she's not all that.

I watched the video and I remember that song! She was very pretty but that choreographer needed to be fired! LOL!