Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Winner I Can Get Excited About!

I called it during his audition!
I knew it was Phil Phillips for the win!
Well, American Idol Season 11 is over and Phillip Phillips is the new American Idol. After a disappointing Celebrity Apprentice, AI got it right!

Since his audition, I was a Phil Phillips fan! When compared to Jessica Sanchez, there really wasn’t a comparison. Yes, she is hands-down the better singer but to me they packaged her all wrong. She’s a 16-year old girl, not a pageant singer, not a Celine Dion wannabe. Yet, there was nothing about this girl that said teenager. From her song choices to her gowns, they chased away anything that was youthful about her. I think she suffered from it. No doubt the girl has a future, I just think the way she was portrayed, it wasn’t going to be as the American Idol.

However, why cry for the runner-up? Clay Aiken has had a much bigger career than Ruben Studdard. Adam Lambert has left Kris Allen in the dust. So, crying about Number Two doesn’t make much sense.

Phillip though, I loved his way of interpreting a song as well as the way he remained true to himself. From song choice to wardrobe, he always seemed to have a clear idea of who he was. Personally, I liked his take on Matchbox 20’s disease last week.

The thing I really respected about him was the way he kept the focus on the music. He’s suffering from a very serious kidney ailment and is having major surgery in the next day or so. The illness is so severe that he missed several Ford commercial shoots. He had a stent put into his kidney so that he could continue in the competition but now he’s headed for surgery and that would also require a six-week recovery period.

A lot of contestants would have milked the illness angle to garner a slew of sympathy votes but even when Ryan attempted to mention his illness, he also put it back on the music.

Anyway, I’m happy with this outcome. And when he got so choked up singing after his win and put down the guitar and went to embrace his family, I thought it was the best Idol finale ever!

 Now the only Idol question that remains is who will replace J Lo next season?

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