Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Kind of Bummed

So what do I do now? All of my
favorite shows are wrapping up.
Does this mean I have to read a book????
Yes, it's that time of year. All of my favorite shows are wrapping up.

Last week, I said goodbye to The Voice. I wanted Tony Lucca to win but I can't be mad at Jermaine Paul. He was pretty good too. I am mad at Christina for being such a bitch to Tony. It was completely uncalled for. Next year I hope that Adam, Blake and Cee-lo come back and they find a better 'diva' to replace Christina, one that knows how to play well with others.

Castle concluded on a completely awesome note, with Castle and Beckett finally hooking up! Next season should be good. I'm interested to see where they will go as a couple.

Probably my biggest good-bye went to Once Upon a Time on Sunday night. This quickly became my favorite show. I absolutely fell in love with it. The finale was awesome. They finished the Season 1 story and then opened up a whole new one for Season 2, I can't wait! I really hope they replay all of the episodes from Season 1 again. For one, I've told so many people about the show and they really want to catch it. Plus, I want to watch all of the episodes again because I'm sure there are tons of little clues I missed the first time. Now that I know how it all comes together, I want to see it again.

Smash concluded a very successful season. Like OUAT, it gave a good deal of closure with a nod towards where Season 2 is headed. What can I say, I love a good musical and Smash did a great job with their original numbers.

Sure, I treat it like a red-haired stepchild and always DVR it but Fringe is a damn good show. I think I understand it but I know I enjoy it. The set-up for the fifth and final season leaves me with questions. Pregnant? Really?

The good thing about all the shows I've mentioned so far is that they'll all be back next season.What won't be back is a show that was really good fun and that was GCB? However, it kept losing its audience, so what can you do. I would have liked to have seen where the show will go.

I still have the finales of Grey's (meh) and Glee (yea!) to look forward to, but then what?

Well, in the next few weeks, the networks will announce their new fall shows. In the meantime, maybe I'll try to get into Revenge or a few other shows in reruns. Maybe, I'll see and review more movies. Or, maybe I should do something really bold with my summer and try to get a life ... Then again, I could always rejoin Netflix.

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