Monday, May 21, 2012

What a Letdown!

Clay was robbed! He was robbed!
Every year I watch the finale of Celebrity Apprentice, I remember how annoying the ‘live’ episode is. It was even worse this year because of the outcome. Arsenio is the Celebrity Apprentice?

I’m no Claymate but he, hands-down won the challenge. True Arsenio might not have suffered a loss as a project manager, but lets not forget the fact that he went through one fundraising tasks and didn’t even raise $5! Clay trounced him in fundraising, conducted a fun, family-friendly event and was all around a better project manager.

What did Arsenio have? As far as I could tell, he used those lipsticked lips to kiss The Donald’s arse (that’s British for ass!).

So I’m sitting though the painful Q&A with George Takei and Dayana. Enduring the equally grueling ‘interview’ with Donald all to find out that Arsenio is the frickin’ Celebrity Apprentice. Ugh!!!

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