Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol: Why? Because I Want To

I'm an American Idol fan. I've been a fan since Season 1. A lot of people expect me to hide it like a secret shame or the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Others assume that all these years of Idoldom have cost me some brain cells ... but I'm still pretty smart, thank you very much.

I didn't want to blog too much about Idol when it occured to me. This is my blog and I can post about whatever I like! So here goes.

Last night were the Mikwaukee auditions and while most people are talking about Chris Medina who had the last audition and most tragic story of the evening (see it here), I'm all worked up about something else.

Tiwan Strong, a 28-year old Chicago native, had an excellent audition and it was clear from the time he started singing that he'd make it through.When he did, he exited the door to a waiting family. After trying to act disappointed, he pulled out that golden ticket and the fam went wild.

This was Tiwan's moment ... that was until his sister/cousin/friend/ tried to make it all about her. Apparently, she gave herself a charlie horse while jumping up and down cheering. If that wasn't enough, she started yelling, "Charley Horse" like a damn fool.

See for yourself. The part I like is when Tiwan looks at her like the damn fool she appeared to be.

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