Monday, January 17, 2011

News for the Gleeks!

New episodes of Glee don’t start until February (with the first one airing immediately after the Superbowl), but I have a bit of new Glee scoop to tide you over.

On the Valentine’s Day show, Darren Criss (Blaine) has hinted that there might be some movement on the Blaine Kurt front. He told E! News, "There's going to be some fun things. Every day Chris (Colfer) and I are both equally curious to see what's going to happen between the two of those guys." He continued, "We're definitely going to start seeing some layers to the two of them. The pink elephant in the room will finally be addressed, let's put it that way."

Actress Anne Hathaway (most recently of Love and Other Drugs) is on board to play Kurt’s long-lost lesbian aunt. On Jimmy Fallon back in November she said, “In my head, I’ve cast myself on ‘Glee’ and I know what song I’d sing. I would play Kurt’s long-lost aunt, his mother’s sister who is also gay, who comes back to help him deal with his sexuality, and I would sing, ‘You Are Not Alone’ from Stephen Sondheim’s epic show Into the Woods.”

Ryan Murphy said they’d probably shoot her episode later in the spring. No word yet on whether she’ll get to sing her song choice.

Congratulations to the show for picking up 3 Golden Globes last night!

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