Monday, June 13, 2011

The Glee Project: In Search of a New Gleek

The Glee Project started last night. Ryan Murphy and company are looking for a new character to be featured in a seven-episode arc during the show’s third season. The twelve hopefuls run the gamut from divas to nerdy, edgy to girl/boy next door.

The first show’s theme was ‘individuality’ where they had to stand out during their performance of Fireworks (Katy Perry). They had to record their portion of the song, do the video and a group number. But no pressure! LOL!

Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) showed up to judge the group number and the one he liked best would get some one-on-one coaching from him as well as earn a feature spot in the video. He chose Matheus, a little person with a big voice from Atlanta.

After the performances, the coaches decide who is in the bottom three and those contestants must fight for their lives in a final performance of a song of Ryan Murphy’s choosing.

So let me start by saying who I wished had made the bottom three: Alex, Emily and Bryan. Alex is the plump gay diva who sounds like a girl. He is so over-the-top that I wish he’s fall off of the top. He works my nerves like no other. His ‘character’ is also unnecessary. Mercedes is already the resident diva. Kurt is already the guy that sounds like a girl. And there are already a boatload of gay characters .. . Kurt, Blaine, Karofsky, Santana (sometimes Brittany).

Emily is a cute Puerto Rican girl who is a self-admitted ‘flirt’ who loves to ‘flip her hair’. Okay. Whatever. She came across as truly full of herself and rivaled Alex for most annoying. We already have a conceited, bitchy Latina in Santana. We don’t need another one!

Bryan was a bi-racial cutie who just wasn’t as cute as he thought he was. He even managed to have a little bit of an attitude when preparing for the video. NOT GOOD. Most importantly, I couldn’t see him as a character of Glee.

Well, the coaches must have agreed with me because Bryan was in the bottom three, along with Ellis (an 18-year old girl trapped in the body of a 10-year old) and Damian, a favorite of mine, an Irish lad who has performed with Celtic Thunder.

Bryan sang Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are (which was mostly out of his range). They wanted Ellis to sound and act more adult so she had Hey Big Spender from the musical Sweet Charity and Damian had Jesse’s Girl (which he had never heard before!).

In the end, Brayn became the first casualty of The Glee Project. However, I’m eager to see how this all plays out.I’ve picked my favorites already too. Damian, whom I can easily see as a sexy Irish exchange student, is a frontrunner. I’m also a fan of Cameron, the musical nerd and Lindsay, for her girl next door vibe.

If you missed this episode, The Glee Project airs at 9:00 (EST) on Oxygen.

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