Monday, June 27, 2011

The Glee Project: Vulnerability

After last night, I find it hard to believe that I actually liked Lindsay during week one. She’s a royal bitch. She’s joined Alex at the bottom of my list. Last night’s guest was Dot Marie Jones who joined the cast in Season 2 as the new football coach. The topic was vulnerability. Their homework assignment was Pink’s Please Don’t Leave Me. Afterwards, Dot Marie got to pick her favorite for some one-on-one coaching and a featured role in the video. For the second time, Matheus was the winner.

Lindsay showed her ass when Dot Marie tried to give her some constructive criticism and she got all defensive and talked back (not a good look but what I'm coming to expect from this girl).

As far as the video, the kids covered Tears for Fears’s Mad World and they had to wear a sign, in Los Angeles’s Universal City Walk that announced their vulnerabilities. Some were obvious: Matheus was ‘small’; Alex was ‘gay’; Hannah was ‘fat’. Some weren’t so obvious. Emily broke down in tears as she explained why she chose ‘used’. Apparently, they had been used sexually in the past by some ‘music producers’. Irish lad Damian chose ‘numb’ because he has trouble feeling anything deeply. Amazingly (or not so), Lindsay didn’t have a real flaw, or so she said, but she ended up going with ‘fake’ (very apropos).

Marissa started out using ‘flawed’ but after seeing Alex’s performance decided she needed to be honest … she changed her word to ‘anorexic.’

I really enjoyed the video and thought they all did a great job but they had to pick a bottom three and a song for each to sing: Damian (Are You Lonesome Tonight by Elvis), Emily (Grenade by Bruno Mars) and Cameron (Your Song by Elton John).

Damien had a major breakthrough when he was able to connect the lyrics to a lost love. Cameron came out in a suit and the producers didn’t think he was authentic. They asked him to come back dressed normally and do it again. Emily did a good job on Grenade but used humor a bit too much to deflect the emotion she felt (which is why she made the bottom three in the first place).

At the end of the day, it was Emily that didn’t get the call back.

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