Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The $130 Million Dollar Man

Tyler Perry tops Forbes’ list of the highest paid men in Hollywood. In other words, Madea might be ghetto but she helped Tyler make some beyond bougie bank! He’s also extended his deal with Lionsgate (who has released all of his films). He’s currently in Cleveland filming, I, Alex Cross, in a role that originally went to Idris Elba.

The list was compiled of all Hollywood heavy hitters and not just actors. Here’s the Forbes Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Men:

1. Tyler Perry ($130 million)
2. Jerry Bruckheimer ( $113 million) – producer of Pirates of the Caribbean and all the CSI shows.
3. Steven Spielberg ($107 million) – super producer/director. His latest films War Horse and The Adventures of Tintin come out at Christmas.
4. Elton John ($100 million) – his latest tour grossed $204 million in a year.
5. Simon Cowell ($90 million) – His new show, The X-Factor debuts on FOX on September 21.
6. James Patterson ($84 million) – I thought it was a typo but he churned out 20 best sellers in 2010. Apparently, he uses a lot of co-writers. Tyler Perry is playing the lead in I, Alex Cross, one of Patterson’s books.
7. Dr Phil McGraw ($80 million) – And you thought Oprah was the only one raking in some serious bucks!
8. Leonardo DiCaprio ($77 million) – Shutter Island and Inception placed him as the only actor to make the list. Both movies combined earned over one billion dollars!
9. Howard Stern ($76 million) – He just signed a new deal with Sirius … and made some serious money in the process!
10. Tiger Woods ($75 million) – Despite his personal problems, he’s still the highest paid athlete.

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