Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Second Best Thing About September!

Finally, it’s here! The new Fall TV season is here! And my birthday falls smack dab in the middle. What could be better? New TV and my birthday! Here’s what I plan to watch this week.

8:00 – 10:00, The Sing-Off (NBC) – I’ve loved this show for the past two seasons and am excited about Season 3. More groups (16 instead of 10) and a new judge (Sara Bareillis).

10:00, The Playboy Club (NBC) – This show has something for everyone. Eddie Cibrian for the ladies and a bunch of curvy chicks in skimpy bunny costumes for the guys. Also helping to set the mood throughout the season will be some contemporary singers channeling their 1960’s counterparts (click here for that story).

8:00, Glee (FOX) – Season 3 begins with Finchel back and Sue running for office. Plus we have the winners of The Glee Project and their seven episode arcs … plus, Mercedes gets a man! I’m so there!

9:00, The New Girl (FOX) – I’ve liked the promos and am curious about the show. I hope it can do a good job of filling the slot between Glee and Raising Hope, otherwise its dog walking and shower time.

9:30, Raising Hope (FOX) – Definitely one of the bright spots of last season. I’ve been looking forward to Season 2 since Season 1 ended, here’s hoping that lightning strikes again with Hope, Maw-Maw and the gang.

8:00, The X-Factor (FOX) – Simon Cowell is back and promising that this won’t be American Idol Part 2. Along with L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherziner (so that’s why she’s not judging on The Sing-off!), this show looks promising. It’s a huge hit already across the pond.

10:00, Law & Order SVU (NBC) – Who would have thought that SVU would be the last in the L&O franchise still standing? Not me. Anyway, they go into the 13th season without Christopher Meloni’s Detective Stabler. Let’s hope 13 isn’t bad luck for the series.

DVR AlertHarry’s Law (9:00, NBC) – I know its easy to overdose on David E. Kelly’s quirkiness and incessant moralizing but I like this show. Kudos to Kathy Bates.

*** This is my birthday so there is a chance that this whole night could be DVRed! ***

8:00, Charlie’s Angels (ABC) – Yes, I will be watching this latest incarnation of Charlie’s Angels. The question is, will I be watching it more than once.

9:00 – 10:00, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – I’ve been here for seven years, so I guess I’m in it for the long haul. I guess that is a good sign considering on how I’ve bailed on Desperate Housewives and Private Practice.

DVR Alert - Second Episode of The X-Factor, I figure I’ll get the gist of it on the first night.

8:00, Kitchen Nightmares (FOX) – FOX clearly loves some Gordon Ramsey (Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef and KN) and so do I.

9:00, Fringe, (FOX) – I was on the fence at first, but now I’m fully committed to Fringe and it’s sparring alternate universes. Why John Noble hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy by now is beyond questionable. It’s criminal!

Absolutely nothing to review. I’ll probably catch up on my DVRed shows.

10:00, Pan Am (ABC) – Another period piece but I’ll check out the pilot.

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