Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Take: The Sing-Off and The Playboy Club

The Sing Off was the perfect way to kick off the new Fall season. This show just makes me feel good.

It's about the music. All of the a capella groups are very good and its clear that they love to sing! There are no deluded or embarrassing performances. There are no rude or abrasive judges. Its just a fun show. I'm glad its back.

With The Playboy Club, I was expecting a lot of style but I wasn't sure if there would be any substance. I was pleasantly surprised. I have seen Eddie Cibrian as part of an ensemble but as Nick Dalton, the handsome ambitious lawyer with mob ties, he came across as leading man material.

Within minutes of the open, we were knee-deep in a murder cover-up. Nick likes what he sees in a sexy new cigarette bunny, Maureen (Amber Heard). However, so does his old boss, a mob kingpin who does a little dance with Maureen but is more interested in doing the horizontal mambo with her. He's trying to rape her when Nick walks into the back room. The three tussle until Amber's stiletto stabs him in the neck. Of course, this will be the central mystery of the season.

Throw in a bunch of bunny back stories (jealousy, husbands, homosexuality, ...) many set at the Playboy mansion and you have a show worth checking out again. 

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