Thursday, October 13, 2011

Damn Baseball!

Baseball? If I want to watch
a bunch of chewing and
spitting, I'll babysit a
newborn! Really!!!
Okay, I'm going to say something that would make my dearly departed grandfather (and die-hard Indians fan) roll over twice in his grave: I hate baseball. It's boring, it has the least number of hot guys (next to golf), and I swear, every time I turn past a baseball game, they're always showing some guy in the dugout chewing and spitting (tobacco, gum, sunflower seeds). So it was with a mixture of anger and disgust (watching grown men spitting, really???), that I tuned in to The X-Factor only to find baseball!

Baseball!!!! Ugh!!

Apparently, there was a rain delay that caused the game to start over two hours later. So here's what you want to know. Last night's episode of The X-Factor will air tonight. Tonight's episode will air Sunday unless it is bumped by a Game 7 in whatever inane baseball series is still going on.

Next week, there is only one evening of X-Factor and that will be Tuesday. You know what is airing Wednesday and Thursday (Grrrrrrr!)

Baseball. Ugh!

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