Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Force Feeding? I’ll Pass

I watched it. I moved on. NBC
could play it eight nights in a
row and I still wouldn't watch.
NBC must really believe in Prime Suspect. The problem is that we, the viewing audience, don’t seem to. They cancel The Playboy Club after three episodes and then what do they do? In an attempt to make us believe in Prime Suspect, they put it on four times in one week. This week it’s on Monday through Thursday all week at 10:00.

It’s one thing to get behind a show but it’s another thing all together to try to make people see ‘the error of their ways.’ I watched Prime Suspect twice and for me, that was enough. I didn’t think Maria Bello was ‘a revelation’. She was good but not great. I found her a bit too gruff and I didn’t connect with her character. I also found it implausible that she’d face so much misogyny in 2011. I know the police department is an old boys' club but we are almost 25 years away from the Cagney & Lacey era.

So go ahead NBC. You could try to shovel Prime Suspect down my throat but it won’t work. I ain’t watchin’.

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