Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yes, I'm Back ...

I'd love to say that I thought about my
blogs while I was away, but I didn't!
It was a vacation, it wasn't work!
 And you didn't even know I was gone. I meant to do a quick blog announcing I was going out on vacation, but I came down with a bad case of vacationitis and didn't get around to it. I had a nice, relaxing time on Edisto Island - reading, journaling, taking photos, walking on the beach and just enjoying not having to do anything. Since there was no night life on the island, each night I got to cozy up with my favorite shows. So I'll do a quick recap of the second week of the new TV season.

The Sing-Off: Still loving this show and waiting for Sara Barellis to find her rhythm. I think she is getting over her nerves now and tomorrow night should be better. I still think this show has the best talent of all of the current shows.

The Playboy Club: I'm enjoying this show. I really am. It has enough of an ongoing plot to keep my interest as well as episodic plots that are wrapped up in the hour.

Castle: I'm a fan and these first two shows have this shaping up to be the best season yet. Penny Johnson Jerald brings a new energy to the Captain's role (call me 'Sir' not 'Maam'). Plus, there is the whole Beckett heard Castle's declaration of love but he doesn't know it undercurrent. The search for a superhero in the second episode was pure Castle.

Glee: I've enjoyed the first two episodes but I'm not sure I am really enjoying the focus on Broadway songs. The return of Shelby Corcoran is a good thing but two glee clubs at the same school? The verdict is out on that one. Quinn going after full custody of Beth seems a little short-sighted, I hope that doesn't develop into a full fledged storyline.

The New Girl: The second episode featured a new boy. I still need the boys to be three boys and not just three variants of the same guy (I still get that feel from them). Yet, the second episode was funny and sweet.

Raising Hope: Episode two was more sweet than funny, and I always expect more funny from this show.

The X-Factor: Like the first week, the audition episodes still feel very American Idol, entertaining but not original. I'm looking forward to this week so I can start to see what this show really has to offer.

Law & Order SVU: Danny Pino joined the cast. I loved this episode featuring Mehcad Brooks. I like it when the focus is on the case with more of a human element and less of a 'creep-me-out' factor.

Charlie's Angels: Loving the sexy Bosley, he's like a male angel. This week the dialogue was a touch better. I hate to say this but when Isaiah Mustafa is fully-clothed (i.e. not the Old Spice Guy), he loses a bit of his sexy.

Grey's Anatomy: Okay, Meredith is definitely getting on my nerves. I don't think we have seen much emotional growth from her character ... and it's been eight years. I'm hanging in there but so far, I need to see something new.

Prime Suspect: I want to like this show. After the first episode, I wasn't sure that I could. After the second, I feel like I might be able to like it. I need Bello to show us some different sides of Jane Timoney. The great Helen Mirren originated this show in Britain and Bello has a lot to live up to. I get it, she's a tough-as-nails-takes-no-BS female cop in an all-male environment, I need to see more (and a little less of the pork pie hat).

Fringe: I need Peter back and I'm interested in seeing how that happens. I'm also intrigued by how both universes are working together. John Noble is still the man.

Harry's Law: I was wondering how long Harry could make the quirky law firm inside of a shoe store work. In season two, the storefront and lawyer for the neighborhood storylines are gone. Harry is in charge of a large firm with major cases including a man (Alfred Molino) accused of beating his wife to death and not sure whether or  not he did it. Kathy Bates hopefully has a better cast to play off of.

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