Monday, October 17, 2011

Lots of News

"Goodbye Angels," we can almost hear Charlie saying it. Charlie's Angels has been a victim of the cancellation guillotine. It looks as if the show will remain on for the time being, maybe long enough to burn off the four remaining episodes. So, it's bad news for our trio-of-ass-kicking Angels, and it may soon be bad news for our quartet of sexy Sixties stewardesses (they called them that in the 60's). Pan Am ratings continued their free fall this past week. This Sunday was a ratings low for the show that follows a fledgling Desperate Housewives. It won't be long now.

Trouble in Paradise? It looks as if the blissfully quiet waters of Klaine are heading for a potential storm on Glee. According to TVLine, it's coming in the form of Sebastian, a scheming Santana-like gay Warbler, played by theater actor Grant Gustin. Apparently, he has his sights set on Blaine. Uh-oh. In other Glee news, when the show returns on November 1st, the seven-episode arc for Damian McGinty begins. The Irish lad will play an exchange student who ends up living with Brittany and family. She thinks he's a leprechaun. As my favorite from The Glee Project, I do find him magically delicious!

In other bad news, after two seasons, TNT has canceled Memphis Beat, the quirky police drama starring Jason Lee and Alfre Woodard. I enjoyed that show! A few months ago, they cancelled Men of a Certain Age ...  a show I watched once and fell asleep halfway through. Go figure.

November fifth, Saturday Night Live will be hosted by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Horrible Bosses star Charlie Day. While I like Day, the musical guest is Maroon 5 and I love me some Maroon 5! Maybe you don't ... but remember, it's my blog! Muh-ha-ha!!! (that's the evil Daffy Duck laugh).

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