Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pick Ups and Put Downs

Whitney's been picked up for the entire
season. Who'd of thunk it? I didn't.
 Whitney (NBC), Up All Night (NBC), The New Girl (Fox), 2 Broke Girls (CBS) and Ringer (CW) have all been picked up for a full season. I might have to watch an episode or two of Whitney and Up All Night. I have watched The New Girl and it's okay, although I can see why it got picked up. As one broke girl, I haven't watched 2 Broke Girls (I'm kinda living that) Ringer, with Sarah Michelle Gellar, might merit a look or two. It's about a twin who takes over her estranged sister's wonderful life only to find it's a lot more complicated than she anticipated.

Joining The Playboy Club on the Cancellation Trash Heap is Hank Azaria's Free Agents. H8R, the CW series where 'fans' could confront the reality star they loathe the most has also been axed. My bets on the next shows to be strewn atop the cancellation trash heap would be Pan Am (ABC) and possibly Charlie's Angels (ABC).

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