Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Summer Picks So Far

Loving MasterChef! I’m ready for them to get beyond the auditions and start cooking. Not so sure who I’m rooting for yet. I think I’ll figure it out when we get down to the actual group of contestants.

Loving the feisty group over on Hell’s Kitchen. NOT loving the fact that Barbie, the black woman, has already been set up to be this season’s villain. I’m going to have to re-watch last night’s episode to see why her entire team jumped on her back. I must have missed something while I was walking the dog because last I saw, she had helped them win the scallop challenge and was the first one to get an appetizer out of the kitchen during the dinner service. Reality TV always wants to play the Evil Black Woman card and I for one am getting tired of it.

Speaking of getting tired, I am no longer as stoked as I was for The Glee Project Season Two after the first episode. I get that Glee is about the underdog but they went totally PC for this group: the Muslim girl, the blind guy, a girl in a wheelchair, a boyish lesbian, a transgendered guy, overweight girl … as if there weren’t less visually obvious ways to be an underdog. Personally, I liked that during the first seasons of Glee we got to see how even the popular kids were flawed and sometimes felt like underdogs.
Once they announced the bottom three I knew immediately, before a note was sung, who was going home. It was that painfully PC and obvious. Aylin (the Muslim girl) versus Tyler (the transgendered guy) versus Maxfield (the white boy). From that alone, can you guess who’s going home? Aylin was really good with her version of David Guetta's Without You and I figured of the three she’d be a safe bet and she was. Then, it came down to Tyler versus Maxfield. Tyler was HORRIBLE. It was clear that the only reason he’d made it this far was because of his transgendered status. It pisses me off because someone with more talent could have taken his spot. 

His rendition of The Jackson 5’s ABC sounded like it was being sung by Steve Urkel from Family Matters. Maxfield, the country crooner, had Willie Nelson’s Always on My Mind. Comfortably in his wheelhouse, he killed it. However he’s not PC, so he was out – leaving Tyler alive another week to make my ears bleed.

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