Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer TV Picks: Thursday

Thursdays my TV watching doesn’t start until 9:00 because I have salsa class (yes, I said salsa) and by the time I get home and settled in, it’s around 9:00.

Let’s start by telling you guys what I won’t be watching … cheesy dating shows on FOX. They have been promoting the hell out of Take Me Out and The Choice and neither one has even remotely piqued my interest. According to the shows descriptions, Take Me Out is about “Thirty women look for a summer fling.” The Choice is described as “Celebrities looking for love include reality-TV star Paul ``Pauly D'' Del Vecchio, musician Romeo, athlete Jeremy Bloom and actor Jason Cook.” Dating reality shows have never been my thing and neither of these flimsy shows will change that.

Music reality shows, however, are my thing. So, I should be watching the second hour of Duets; but, I don’t like coming into a show in the middle. Most likely, I’ll catch Duets over the weekend (I’m loving Time Warner’s Look Back feature!).

So what will I be watching. I’ll be watching my new favorite network, Identification Discovery or as I like to call it, “All Crime, All of the Time.” The season premiere of Behind Mansion Walls is at 9:00. Basically, this show is about really rich people who commit crimes. The late Dominick Dunne did it better on Power, Privilege and Justice on TruTV (but back when it was the far superior CourtTV) and the campy Behind Mansion Walls host makes me miss him all the more. Despite Mason, I still like the show.

I’ll stay on ID at 10:00 for a new show called Blood Relatives. This one is about family members who turn on their own. I am a definite ID addict. I’ve spent weekends on this channel! In fact, whenever, I’m looking for something to watch, I usually end up here. I can’t help it, the criminal mind is fascinating and truth is definitely stranger than fiction!

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