Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer TV Picks: Wednesday

Think? I know I can dance
but that's not the point.

Not much going on this evening. However, I am going to watch the entire So You Think You Can Dance? season. I’ve never seen an entire season from the beginning. I have a girlfriend who loves this show so I think I’ll give it a chance.

I might DVR the Hatfields and McCoys on Lifetime. It’s got a great cast led by Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner. It has that western feel to it. Since I grew  up watching reruns of Bonanza, Big Valley and Alias Smith and Jones with my dad, I have grown to appreciate a good western. Of course, I realize that the Hatfield and McCoy feud took place in West Virginia so it’s not really ‘western’ but you get the point.

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