Sunday, July 11, 2010

DivaSoulSista Is Back

From 2004 through 2008, I ran DivaSoulSista, a site for movie reviews. Over the years, I, the DivaSoulSista and later my friend Thomas, the DivaSoulBrotha, submitted over 500 reviews!

Thomas and I shared a passion for movies and our goal was to write real reviews for real people. We realized that not every film was out to win an Oscar, so we rated movies based on their ability to deliver. If it was a comedy, did it deliver loads of laughs? Did the thriller thrill? Did the horror movie scare the bejesus out of us? You get the picture.

But life intervened at at the end of 2008, I made the very difficult decision to shut DivaSoulSista down. However, I've missed it. I've missed it a lot. You see, it was my baby, I even designed the logo. So I'm resurrecting it, in a new way.

I will give movie reviews just like we did on DivaSoulSista but I'll also be including movie news, as well as my reviews of what I'm watching on TV as well and my thoughts on all things entertainment (or at least my thoughts on all things entertaining to me!).

It's a blog, so I'm looking forward to hearing your two cents as well.

This is going to be fun...

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Cindy said...

I"m so glad you're back! Woo hoo!