Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mad Mel

You know things are bad when your agent drops you. I mean agents have a sleaze factor that's only rivaled by used car salesmen and guys who still wear polyester shirts open to the navel with big gold chains. Yet Mel Gibson was dropped with a big thud by the William Morris Agency.

Over the past few years, the man known for playing Mad Max has gone just plain mad. It was bad enough when he went on an Anti-Semitic and sexist tirade when he was pulled over for drunk driving a few years ago. Now, he’s apparently gone off the deep end over his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva and the custody fight over their daughter.

In the eight-minute rant released by Radar Online, Gibson seethes with anger, yelling, making threats, hoping she gets raped by niggers and telling him she should just smile and ‘blow’ him. In the first tape (there are three so far), he said “You look like a fucking bitch in heat. And if you get raped by a pack of niggers it will be your fault. Alright? Because you provoked it.”

When she asks him what kind of man would hit a woman while holding his child and who would break two of her teeth, he responded with a culpable “You deserved it.”

The man is clearly unhinged — hate-filled, abusive, and out of his mind in over the top anger.

Any of the massive love he got from Passion of the Christ is long gone. Now, he’s just an embarrassment. Acting, directing or producing anything in Hollywood is not even a realistic option for Gibson now. He’s offended anyone who is anyone in that town. I don’t even think the Christian population wants him (After all, he did divorce his wife of almost 30 years and mother of eight of his children to take up with Grigorieva the woman he had an affair and a child with and never married).

I wonder what Danny Glover has to say about all this. Did Murtaugh think that Riggs could be this much of a basket case?

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