Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Li-Lo? I Just Don't Know...

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was headed for a 90-day stint in jail, albeit in solitary confinement. Today, we are told that she probably wont' serve more than two weeks in the pokey. We’ve had a front row seat in this slowly simmering implosion for several years now. I just don’t know why people really care. Celebrities who achieve this level of attention are usually superstars (Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson) or people will boatloads of potential who we desperately hope can get it together (Robert Downey Jr. when he was in his drug phase).

I asked my friend T, what Li-Lo had done to gain any level of fame; basically it comes down to two movies (Freaky Friday and Mean Girls). I know she’s done other movies but those are her biggest. I just don’t see anything in her or her body of work that warrants this level of attention. I mean her sentencing was news – not just TMZ/Access Hollywood/Entertainment Tonight news – but news covered by real, legitimate news shows.

I keep forgetting that the new millennium is the future that Andy Warhol spoke of years ago. It doesn’t take much to get that 15 minutes of fame. This is the era of Paris and Perez Hilton, both of whom are huge on celebrity but light (positively anorexic) on talent. In comparison to the Hiltons, the stars of Jersey Shore, and just about every other reality show ‘star’, Lohan does stand apart. At least she has made movies. She’s made a couple that were even profitable.

So here we are, with a front row seat at yet another celebrity disaster. I’m not one of those people who wonder when and where Li-Lo will finally bottom out. I am, however, one of those people who is curiously watching to see just how low we can lower the bar on celebrity.

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