Sunday, August 28, 2011

Could the Real Eddie Be Back?

No one can define that from the early 80's to the mid-90's Eddie Murphy was the man. He was classic on  Saturday Night Live. His concert films Delirious and Raw will still make you laugh. And, let's not forget the string of hits that gave us Trading Places, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, Harlem Nights, and Boomerang.

And then it happened, Eddie Murphy lost his mojo.

Somewhere after The Nutty Professor, he lost it. It was gone. He went all 'family-friendly', giving us tripe like The Haunted Mansion, Daddy Daycare, Dr. Doolittle and Shrek (which wasn't tripe and was actually pretty good). He sanded down his edginess and what was left, well, what was left wasn't funny.

Can anyone explain or even care to remember the craptastic Pluto Nash or the filmmaking flatulence that was Norbit or Meet Dave? Sure, he emerged for a second with a small dramatic role in Dreamgirls. But still...

So imagine my surprise when I came across this trailer for Tower Heist starring Ben Still, Alan Alda, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick and, you guessed it ... Eddie Murphy. Basically, Alda plays a Bernie Madoff-like character who scams people out of all of their money, including the staff at the apartment building where he lives. As the manager, Stiller vows that he will get their money back, even if he has to steal it back. So he and a team of employees (including Precious' Gabourey Sidibe) plan a heist, with a little help from you know who.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's actually funny. It's set to be released on November 4, 2011.

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