Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Looking Forward To...

The New
Surprisingly of all the new shows, there really aren't that many that have me all excited.

The Playboy Club: Maybe it's because Eddie Cibrian is all kinds of sexy. It could be because I'm a fan of Mad Men and I like that whole 60's vibe but I'm looking forward to this show. It seems like it could have some decent intrigue to it.
Premieres Monday, September 19, 10:00 PM, NBC

The New Girl: I've been inundated with promos of this show for months now - but it looks like of quirky and fun and I like quirky and fun. So I think I'll check it out.
Premieres Tuesday, September 20, 9:00 PM, FOX

The X-Factor: Truth be told, I did not miss Simon Cowell on American Idol last year, but I'm actually sort of looking forward to this, especially since there is no age range. L.A. Reid as a judge should be interesting too.
Premieres Wednesday, September 21, 8:00 PM, FOX

The Old
On the other hand, there are a lot of returning shows that I am looking forward to seeing again.

The Sing-Off: I have loved this show since the beginning. The a Capella singers (16 groups will compete instead of 10). The judges - Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman and .... oh wait, Nicole Scherzinger is on The X-Factor now. The new judge is singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles. I hope she has the same kind of chemistry with the guys as Scherzinger had.
Premieres Monday, September 19, 8:00 PM, NBC

Castle: When we last saw our favorite will-they-or-won't they Detective/Writer duo, Captain Montgomery was dead and Kate had been shot. I've been waiting since May to see this first episode. Now, that's how you do a cliff hanger!
Premieres Monday, September 19, 10:00 PM, ABC

Glee: It's the last season for Rachel, Quinn and Finn. Plus, we have the winners of The Glee Project. I really enjoy this show and I can't wait until it comes back. The Glee Project did a good job of tiding me over until the fall, but now I'm ready for the real deal (but not the two-episodes featuring the horror that is Alex from The Glee Project).
Premieres Tuesday, September 20, 8:00 PM, FOX

Raising Hope: By far, the funniest new show of last season. Between Matha Plimpton and Cloris Leachman this show was laugh out loud funny. And, it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud (I live alone and laughing out loud just seems weird).
Premieres Tuesday, September 20, 9:30 PM, FOX

Harry's Law: This show got some really mixed reviews last year, largely because of the David E. Kelley tendency for way larger than life plot devices and his penchant for preaching his point of view in the courtroom scenes. Yet, largely because of Kathy Bates and Christopher McDonald, I enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing it again.
Premieres Wednesday, September 21, 10:00 PM, NBC

Law & Order: SVU: This show is starting to wear on me. It's storylines are so depressing that it's exhausting to watch at times. However, I am interested to see how this season will unfold without Christopher Meloni.
Premieres Wednesday, September 21, 10:00 PM, NBC

Kitchen Nightmares: My love affair with Gordon Ramsey continues. I watch all three of his shows, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, and Kitchen Nightmares. I've gotten my hearty helpings of HK and MC this summer, so I'm ready for another course of KitchenNightmares.
Premieres Friday, September 23, 8:00 PM, FOX

Fringe: This show gets better every season and now that we are into Season 4 my hopes are high. In the last episode we didn't just jump into an alternate universe but we jumped into the future too. John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop consistently delivers Emmy-worthy performances definitely worth watching.
Premieres Friday, September 23, 9:00 PM, FOX

These are shows both new and returning that I am just not that excited about.

Charlie's Angels: Yes, I liked the movies. Yes, I should be excited because there is a black angel. Yes, I really enjoyed Minka Kelly on Friday Night Lights. Yet, nothing about this show interest me. Like the section says, "Meh."
Premieres Thursday, September 22, 8:00 PM, ABC

Grey's Anatomy: I'll watch it because Eric Dane is ridiculously hot, but I'm tired of Meredith and Christina's acting. High school ended for them like 15 years ago, so it's about time they grew the hell up and started acting like real women.
Premieres Thursday, September 22, 9:00 PM, ABC

Whitney: I've seen promos for this show for months now, and it just doesn't seem funny. In fact, every time I see 'Whitney' all I can thing of is how much I want her to get some rest or do something about the bags under her eyes!
Premieres Thursday, September 22, 9:30 PM, NBC

Prime Suspect: It was successful for years on the other side of the pond, but I'm not so sure about this version featuring Maria Bello. There is just something about the way this character comes across in the promos that makes me not want to watch it.
Premieres Thursday, September 22, 10:00 PM, NBC

Desperate Housewives: It's the last season and frankly, it's about time. I'll probably watch it because it's the last season but it's definitely not must see TV in my house.
Premieres Sunday, September 25, 9:00 PM, ABC

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