Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ummm... Thanks but No Thanks

The other day, I was talking to my friend Tanya. She was all excited about the Basketball Wives reunion show. She asked me if I planned to watch and I told her no. Actually, I think I told her "Hell no!"

You see, as much as I love Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef and American Idol, I don't get into reality shows about fake celebrities and women who are on TV solely because they are huge-egoed, histrionic, bitchy drama queens.

So I don't watch: Basketball Wives, or any of The Real (NOT) Housewives shows. These women are in a word, ridiculous. Who ever heard of grown women fighting? You mean to tell me that you are in your 30's, married (or divorced or in the case of half the Basketball Wives a baby momma), have kids, and are living some allegedly lavish life, and you can't find a better way to solve a problem?

I'm sorry but I just can't watch those women. I couldn't stand to be in a room with any of them for 5 minutes. And no, I'm not hating. These women have nothing to hate. In fact, they are living proof that money (and fame) are not everything. I'd rather have sense and class any day. Most of the women I've seen on these shows have neither.

I think I watched two episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. When I'm on my deathbed, I'll want that hour back.

In fact, I take a pass on the celebrity reality shows too. I don't care that Ice Loves Coco. I say "Oh no!" to the T.O. Show. Gene Simmons can keep his Family Jewels. I could care less about Kesha Cole or DMX's Soul.

The idea that these people are supposed to be interesting because they are famous is laughable. I guess we're suppose to think ... "Oh look, they have trifling relatives just like me, I feel so much better!" Or, are we supposed to look at everything there money can buy and be impressed? Maybe we are supposed to look at their difficulties and think "Wow! They have problemss too. They really are human!" Sorry, that isn't working for me. If anything these shows prove that athletic, musical or acting talent is no substitute for substance.

I think I saw 10 minutes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I could actually feel the brain cells dying. In fact, they weren't just dying, they were committing suicide!

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