Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol: And the Award for the Lowest Number of Votes goes to ...

Those teeth! So bright!
So white! So straight!
Tonight, I have to be brief. This will be the quick and dirty (well not really dirty) version of tonight's results show. Thankfully, there was no big group open, just three performances throughout the hour. First up were Scotty and Lauren who sang a Lady Antebellum song and sang it well. I think these two could record a hit country duet.

Next up Casey and Haley did a jazzy song called Mornin' (or was it Mourin'). Haley's voice lends itself naturally to a jazzier feel. As much Idol tries to force Casey on me. I just don't get it. He is not a great jazz performer.

So the two duos were the first to face elimination and Ryan informed us that one of them was not safe. As our first duo (Scotty and Lauren) made it back to the sofa, it was either Haley or Casey who'd be taking a seat on one the the Bottom Three stools.

Next, we got another taste of country flavor when we heard from Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean. Our duets gave way to a quartet as the guys (Jacob, James, Paul and Stefano)  performed several songs from The Graduate: Sounds of Silence and Mrs. Robinson.

When it came to the four of them, it was no surprise that James was the first to be sent back to the safety of the sofa. What was sort of surprising is that Jacob was the next one sent to safety. The Bottom Three was complete with Haley, Paul and Stefano.

Next we had a slow song from Rihanna. I like some of her songs but I'm not a huge fan. I'll give her credit though, she was good. I have to say that I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the red hair. Bozo the Clown has never been sexy.

Anyway, back to the Bottom Three. So far, as Ryan reminded us, since the Top 13, only female contestants have been eliminated. So when Haley was sent to safety, it was clear that the first male contestant would be going home. And, it was ... Paul.

Unlike last week's tearful exit. Paul went out with his Pepsodent smile and a rousing version of Maggie May.

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