Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol: Six to Five

He tried to put a spell on the voters,
but it didn't work.
The Top Six performed a medley of Carole King songs. Let's just say, the train wreck that was last night's performance show carried over into tonight's opening number.

After the lackluster opening, we had a performance from last year's runner-up Crystal Bowersox. While Crystal is a great performer, I never saw her (or winner Lee DeWyze, for that matter) as a chart topper. Crystal's indie performance sort of proved my point.

After a cutesy Q & A with the group, each contestant was brought up individually for their results. Haley was first. She was criticized for not knowing who she was as an artist and was clearly frustrated by that. Ultimately though, she was safe.

Next up, we heard feedback about Scotty from Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy defended the consistency that some people are starting to call boring. But before we could get his results, Ryan brought up Scotty's country counterpart Lauren. Jimmy liked her poise and predicted that Lauren would be in it for the long run. The last in the trio to be called up was Casey. Jimmy called him out for all the damn growling saying, "The family dog doesn't vote," (and Marty wouldn't vote for him anyway). All three had to wait for their results.

After the break, James was up. Jimmy praised the diversity of his song choices. And not so surprisingly... he was safe and joined Haley over on the sofa. Last (and quite possibly least) was Jacob. Jimmy hated his outfit too and said that right now he was on banana peels. Out of the four, Lauren was sent to safety. Leaving us with Jacob, Casey and Scotty (for the first time) as the Bottom Three.

But we had one more performance, this one for Bruno Mars. I don't like all of his songs, but I did like this one. Don't Want to Do Anything was playful, laid-back with a reggae feel. However, I was ready for someone to go home (and I just knew that person would be Jacob).

Of course, one of the final three would be sent to safety. To my surprise, the safe one was ... Jacob. He looked about as surprised as I was! This left Scotty and Casey at the bottom. And the one the judges saved, got the boot.

He left on a rousing, growling version of I Put A Spell On You. I can't say that I'll miss him!

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