Thursday, April 21, 2011

Glee Is Back ...

I’ve literally been counting the days down to this new Glee episode. In fact, during another epically stressful day at work, at time, the only thing that was getting me through was the new episode of Glee. When it was all said and done? It was a let down.

New Directions needed money to go to New York but several members of the club (Mike, Tina, Artie, … and Brittany) were also members of the academic team, the Brainiacs, who couldn’t afford to attend their championship in Detroit. So New Directions decided to show support for their teammates by raising money for the Detroit trip first.

Shue who seems perennially stuck in his 90’s high school heyday, came up with the brilliant idea to sell salt water taffy. However, Holly Holiday (another appearance by Gwneth Paltrow) had the idea for a fund raising concert around a Night of Neglect theme (more on that later).

When Sue got wind of the concert idea, she gathered together her trifecta of Glee club terror known as the Legion of Doom made up up Sandy Ryerson (former glee club advisor), Dustin Goolsby (head of Vocal Adrenaline) and Will’s ex Teri. She decided to take down New Directions by having Dustin go after Holly and Sandy set up hecklers in the audience at the show.

Bright Spots
I’ll start with what I liked best because that’s the shorter list.

  •  Brittany saving the day at the Brainiac competition with her encyclopedic knowledge of cat diseases.
  • Mercedes singing Aretha Franklin’s Aint No Way
  • The promise of the League of Doom
  • Santana, Blaine and Kurt standing up to Karofsky (so does Santana know his secret now???)

Everything Else

 We knew Gwyneth was in for a short run so to have her relationship with Shue begin and end on the same episode was silly. If they were going to do a relationship arc, they should have at least stretched it over three episodes. Likewise, we did have Carl for a handful of episodes but with that blink and you’d miss it throwaway line about Carl wanting an annulment, it was a crappy way to tie up the Emma/Carl storyline. It’s John Stamos! Didn’t he at least deserve a final scene?
The whole Night of Neglect concept fizzled. Was it about artist neglected by New Directions (like Aretha Franklin)? Was it about one hit wonders like Eric Carmen (okay he had a couple hits All by Myself and Hungry Eyes from Dirty Dancing)? Gwyneth was singing Adele who is anything but neglected.
Out of nowhere Sunshine Corazon (Charice) shows up to 'help' and to sing. However, after promising her help and filling the seats with her 600 Twitter followers, she folds and doesn't show for the performance (neither do her Twitter friends). I know the girl has pipes. However, I don't know if it's her acting or her character but whatever it is it isn't working for me. The show has enough singers and if that is the extent of her contribution, they don't need her either.
Outside of Dustin Goolsby/Sergeant Handsome’s attempt to seduce, the League of Doom was just done.
And, I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, Mercedes needs a storyline that doesn’t revolve around her whining about not getting more solos. Even Tina and Mike have better storylines than Mercedes. The whole thing about her having outrageous diva demands was annoying. And while I'm at it, Lauren is just plain annoying.
Well, we do have a 90 minute episode to look forward to next week. 

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