Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice: No More Big Wednesday!

Let's hope Big Wednesday is a little more
impressive than his thumb? Then again, I
really don't want to know that...
Dearest blog reader,

I apologize for being MIA these past few days. Work has been intense. It all kicked off on Sunday (and I normally don’t work weekends). What should have been a few hours ended up being just over 13! And it’s been crazy all week. So I did make it home in time to see Mr. Busey go bust, but writing about it just wasn’t going to happen.

So for this week, I’m going to keep it short. If you want a full recap of the show, check this out. Instead I’m going to leave you with my impressions.

The Task
Omaha Steaks were the featured product. Each team had to conduct a live cooking demonstration with three meals designed for three different occassions. They also had to create a variety pack showcasing various Omaha Steak products.

It Was About Time
I’ve enjoyed the bizarreness of Gary Busey as much as the next Apprentice fan but it was time for him to go. The kookiness was beginning to wear a little thin and at this point for him to stay would have meant that better and more dedicated players would have had to leave.

However, in his time as project manager, he proved why he should go. In the end, his decision to make Meat Loaf the chef for the task was a good idea. However, the way he did it (with no discussion with his team) was not executed well. The questions he asked to the executives for Ohama Steaks were off-the-mark ("What states do the cattle come from?" "How are they slaughtered?"). The fact that Lil Jon and John Rich just stood there and played no part whatsoever during the demonstration was noted too.

Yet, the best example of Busey-ness came during the demonstration when Gary had to talk about the occasions each dish were made for. His Father’s Day story about the kids cooking dinner for dad started off touching, moving and in line with the product. Then he veered off into kite territory. The kids got him a kite as a gift and they went outside to fly it together. Sure at the end, the kite said something about Omaha Steaks but by that time, you could see the “WTF?” looks on the faces of the audience.

In fact, when he re-told that story in the boardroom, you could see everyone stifling their laughter … including The Donald. The only one who was serious about it was Gary Busey. Yes, it was time for him to go.

John Rich FTW
I’m down with John Rich for the win. I’m loving this guy more and more every week. He’s a hard worker. He’s creative (he’s come up with some great jingles). He raised over a half million dollars for his charity. He plays it straight and best of all … he ain’t taking no crap.

He saw right through Gary Busey saying he was either crazy or a brilliant saboteur and he went with the latter. When Gary stepped to him and inquired about their relationship he told him exactly what he thought. He didn’t backtrack or mince words. He said exactly what he meant.

Apparently, there was an incident off camera where Gary called John ‘boy’ and, oh boy, that did not sit well with John! He went off about it several times. Gary denied it. Of course, he’d also denied tons of stuff we’d seen him do, so I kind of do believe he said it.

Hope What’s-Her-Name
The Playmate of the Year (because let’s be honest, with her unpronounceable last name, that’s what we all know her as) stepped up to manage the project. Who knows if she could have been a good project manager. I would like to know but Star saw her chance and pretty much managed the task herself. When the women in the board room called Hope a good manager, it was laughable.

La Toya Jackson
She can’t make a burger. Sure, as she said, she grew up with cooks, but really? She’s one of the oldest Jacksons (I think), so you mean to tell me Katherine never taught them how to make a burger way back in the day when they were still in Gary, Indiana? When she started the fire in the kitchen it was ridiculous. The only think more ridiculous was the comment Nene made about her trying to recreate the Pepsi/MJ hair on fire moment.

Next Week
Looking forward to the Star/Nene blow-up, Without Gary Busey, I'm counting on that duo to bring the crazy and I don’t think they’ll disappoint.

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