Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol:

Stefano Langone is gone.
Usually  I like it when the Idol Results show bypasses the insipid group opening number. I welcome the duets, trios and other incarnations of contestants. These smaller group numbers normally are well done and come off more professional and polished. Not tonight.

Lauren, Haley, Stefano and Jacob did Train's Hey Soul Sister. It's a charming song and I loved the way The Warblers did it on Glee, but here? Tonight? On American Idol? Not so much. Their voices just didn't blend. It didn't sound good at all.

Next, the three fellas were up: Scotty, James and Casey did their version of Coldplay's Viva La Vida. Their trio didn't do much better than the quartet that came before them. I guess maybe it's up to song choice and choosing contestants that sound good together.

Then it was on to the eliminations. The first up were Casey and Jacob. And Jacob became the first person in the Bottom Three. But ... before we got more results, we had a musical break from David Cook. I like David Cook but I didn't like this song and I seriously don't expect to ever hear it again.

Up next were Lauren, Stefano and James. ... Stefano joined Jacob on the stools.

Again,... before we got more results, we had another musical break. This time it was from Katy Perry. I like Katy Perry but I didn't like this song but I seriously expect to hear it ad nauseum for the next several months.

Finally, there was one seat left and it came down to Scotty and Haley ... Haley took the third stool. And just as quickly as that happened, she was sent to safety.

So there were just two guys left and for the second week in a row, a guy was going home. I just knew it would be Jacob. Imagine my surprise when after the longest pause ever ... Ryan ... Seacrest ... announced ... that ... the ... one ... going ... home ... would ... be ... (wait) ... (wait for it some more) ... (and now this is just f**kin' annoying) .... (just say it damn it) ... .... .... Stefano!


CC said...

So anyone you really pulling for? I don't really like anyone. I did like Pia. I do like James Durbin b/c he can sing and perform but I think his head is getting big before he even made it!

Karyn L Beach said...

I liked Pia but I don't think there is room on the radio these days for someone who specializes in big ballads. I really liked Ashthon but she was voted off ages ago.

From audition week, I've thought that Lauren had potential to go all the way but lately she's kind of fizzled.

I agree with you completely about James.

Casey works my nerves. Haley just doesn't make an impression on me. Scotty is starting to bore me. I like Jacob and have actually voted for him because of the HUGE amount of hate he's received on some of the AI message boards.

But to answer your original question, I don't really have a favorite right now. As long as Casey doesn't win, I'll be okay with the outcome.