Thursday, April 7, 2011

American Idol Results: Full of Surprises!

Talk about a stunner!

Last week's duets were a nice change of pace, but this week we were back to our amusement park-like opening number - a mash-up of I Love Rock n Roll and My Baby Wrote me a Letter.

I was ready for some results ... but not so fast. We had a package featuring Russell Brand who dropped by to teach our Idol wannabes about stage presence. Well,at least they seemed to enjoy him.

The first three to learn of their fates were Lauren, Casey and Stefano. Lauren was the first to return to safety, followed by Casey. It was a bit awkward when Ryan revealed that Kelly Clarkson had a crush on him. He had nothing to say, a wise movie, especially if the rumors of he and Haley being an item are true. Stefano, well he wasn't safe, he was sent to one of the three ominous stools.

After the break, we heard from Season 4 alum and Tony Award nominee (Rock of Ages) Constantine Maroulis. He did a rock take of Unchained Melody. For me it was an odd rendition. On the bright side, he looked good.

Next up we were treated to a package about yesterday's feature stylist, Gwen Stefani. If you were wondering what the hell Lauren was thinking in those scrunchie shorts, or why Pia looked like a Jersey Girl heading to Studio 54 circa 1977, you got your answer.

The next three facing elimination were Paul, Pia and Scotty. It wasn't a surprise that Scotty was the first of the three sent to safety. However, I was completely surprised when Paul was safe and Pia was the second one sent to the Bottom Three.

Since this episode seems to be pretty package happy, we had another package where the Harvey and his team over at TMZ gave the Idols a little media training. It was funny but I was ready for some more results.

The final three were James, Haley and Jacob. Poor Jacob he looked devastated. He looked as if he knew he'd be in the bottom three and ... he was right. So there were had our troubled trio: Stefano, Pia and Jacob.

Of course, we couldn't just get to the results. We had to hear from a resurrected Iggy Pop who cavorted around the stage shirtless singing Wild One. He actually looked pretty good for his age and for not being dead (I really did think he was dead).

The first person sent to safety with a major fake-out by Ryan was Jacob. I was stunned. However, the real stunner was what happened next. Stefano was safe and Pia was sent packing.

The audience erupted with boos. The judges were ticked off. Randy was mad. Steven was upset. Jennifer was stunned. I thought the save was wasted on Casey and this proved it. She should have been saved.

She went out with class and sang, I'll Stand by You. I had her making it to the top five if not top three. Damn.


CC said...

She was my top girl. I think they should revamp the voting and do it like So You Think You Can Dance, where America votes for the bottom three and the judges choose from that who goes home. its clear that only girls vote now and the next two girls better make their performances perfect b/c they going home next!

DivaSoulSista said...

After tonight, I think either girl could go home. Neither one of them knocked it out of the box, and even if they did, I'm not sure it would be enough. I mean if they could get rid of Pia, anyone could go.

The SYTYCD voting system could actually work though.