Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol Results: Down to Four

This cat finally ran out of lives!
We started off predictably enough. Ryan plugged Steven's book and J. Lo's upcoming performance. We had a average group number (Happy Together) followed by the weekly Ford commercial (is it me or do they get worse by the week?). There was a cutesy two-part segment with the Idols cooking for Gordon Ramsey.

Ironically, there was a solid performance from Lady Antebellum, Just a Kiss. Why the irony? Because the female lead for Lady Antebellum, Hilary Scott was rejected by American Idol when she auditioned for the show. She didn't even make it in front of the judges, striking out in the preliminary round. Now, she's with a Grammy-winning group performing on Idol!

For the elimination, Ryan started forming two groups. James on the far side of the stage and Lauren on the near side. Jimmy Iovine said, James was usually a nine or a 10. He called last night's performances an eight. He criticized Lauren for wimping out of the big note in Unchained Melody.

But before we continued with results, there was Jennifer Lopez performing On the Floor. She was singing with a track but she showed the Idols what it is like to put on a show ... costume, dancers, set. She was on it. We also got a preview of her new singe, Into You.

Next up more results. Jacob came up for his critique. Jimmy said it seems as if he lost some of his confidence as both of his performances last night were off. Jacob joined Lauren on the close side.

As for Haley, Jimmy said he had her pegged in fourth or fifth place until last night's peformance of House of the Rising Sun which she nailed. He gave her a perfect 10 for that perfomance. She joined James on the far side.

It all came down to Scotty. Jimmy thought his version of Gone was stellar; but that he came up a little short on Always on my Mind. Ryan mentioned that Scotty had never been in the bottom and tonight would be no different. He was safe. Then Ryan asked him to pick the duo he thought was safe.

Scotty didn't want to do it so Ryan walked him over to James and Haley. They were safe and Jacob and Lauren were the Bottom Two. Lauren started the water works right then and there but it would be Jacob that was going home.

In his final remarks, he mentioned how America had fallen in love with him (Huh?) and he looked forward to making some good R&B music. Anyway, he sang A House Is Not a Home and kept it going all the way through the credits.

Alas, there will be no more Lusky Stank!

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