Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Glee: Rumors Run Amok

Brittany could be the next Oprah!
Hopefully with last week’s episode and last night, Glee is hitting its stride and it will continue through the conclusion of the season.

Having an episode devoted to a single album (am I dating myself by saying album, should I say CD, what do you call them when they’re downloadable???). Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors is a legendary collection (I’ll use that word) but I wonder how many kids born in the 90’s would be familiar with it.

Anyway, last night showed the return of April Rhodes. Apparently her all white version of The Wiz failed miserably and she returned to Lima to work on her one woman show and help Shue with the Fleetwood Mac concept. She did a great version of Dreams to kick things off. Shue challenged her to dig deeper and have the show chronicle her emotional journey. Surprisingly, the show came together well and Shue got a bit of an itch to return with April to the Big Apple to give the play a try.

That was one of the rumors flying around McKinely and Sue was there to fan the flames. As the editor of the school newspaper, she encouraged a young band of potential journalists to ditch the little things like facts, accuracy and truth and focus more on the sexy and the salacious.

Speaking of salacious, Rachel and Finn thought something was up when they got suspicious about Sam. By the looks of things (things gleaned while staking out a motel) Sam was involved with both Kurt and Quinn! However, the truth was more mundane. Sam and his family (including his adorable and equally blond little brother and sister) were living in the motel after Sam’s dad had lost his job and then their home. Both managed to find out Sam’s secret and were coming around to help out.

Feeling bad, Finn and Rachel vowed to help. They brought back the guitar he’d had to sell. He cried. They cried. I cried … don’t laugh. I did. It was touching.

The Brittany/Santana/Artie triangle is no more. Artie is out of the picture. He was nervous about Brittany’s relationship with Santana and slipped and called Brittany the ‘S’ word … stupid. Personally, I can’t see Artie saying that, which is why it seemed weird to me for him to say it. Of course, it drove her back in the arms of Santana, who sang a her a heart-felt version of Songbird. Both girls got misty and it was nice but to be honest I want Brittany and Artie back. I want him to fight for her damn it!

We also learned that Brit-Brit has her own talk show, Fondue for Two. After Santana backed out of her interview on the show, Brittany interviewed her cat, the regal (and very fat) Lord Tubbington. It appears that the two of them are now together (not Brit and Lord Tubbington but Brit and Santana). Brittany wanted to go to prom with Santana who isn’t ready to come out yet. In fact, one of the blind item rumors swirled around her Sapphic tendencies.

It looks as if Finn and Quinn are really, emotionally, back together. Rachel continues to try to get back in Finn’s good graces but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work. She even sang Go Your Own Way to him. I think she needs to go her own way … in a direction that is opposite from Finn!

It looks like the prom is next week. Kurt and Blaine will go together but will Santana and Brittany? Is Artie completely out of the picture? What’s going to happen next year if all these kids are graduating what will happen next year? What was that I saw in the preview for next week? Was it Jesse St. James? Will he take Rach to the prom? Questions. Questions. Questions!

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