Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glee: Jr. Prom Isn't that Serious!

Yeah, it was "Prom" but it was Junior prom. Who gets excited
about Junior Prom? It's like getting excited about the rehearsal
dinner before the wedding!
Glee went to prom tonight … well, not exactly. Glee went to junior prom tonight, which isn’t quite the same. Junior prom is just a dry run for the real deal. In fact, technically, I don’t know if it really even counts (I don’t even think we had a junior prom at my school). Anyway, Glee brought the drama and that’s always a good time.

After Figgins’s first choice, Air Supply, canceled, New Directions got stuck with prom band duties. Mercedes and Rachel were dateless until Rachel had the great idea to make it a three-way date, and they asked Sam to accompany them both.

However, that threesome became a foursome when Jesse St. James reappeared (after flunking out of college). He definitely made an entrance singing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep (I loved how the AV club backed he and Rachel up). He apologized for his bad behavior at the end of last season saying that he sacrificed love for a fourth national championship.

Finn continued to want to have his cake and eat it too, telling Rachel she shouldn’t be with Jesse and in the next breath agonizing over what corsage to get Quinn … and asking Rachel for advice! I was a huge Finchel fan but now I really don’t know if I want Rachel and Finn back together at all. He’s such an obtuse asshole and I’m tired of her pining away over him. Next!

Artie tried to win Brittany back by serenading her with Isn’t She Lovely during Home Ec class. As Mercedes correctly assessed, Stevie Wonder wrote that song about the birth of his baby daughter ... not exactly a romantic love song. Anyway, Brit enjoyed the song but still blew him off. It broke my heart to see a teary-eyed Artie roll away!

Devastated, Artie agreed to help Puck spike Sue’s punch at the prom. As much as I enjoy Sue, I could have done without her tonight. The whole spiked punch storyline fell flat for me. I am beginning to think they don't know what to do with Sue, she needs something to live for other than destroying the glee club.

Kurt asked Blaine to accompany him to the prom and he hesitantly agreed. It turns out that he got beat up when he tried to attend a dance at his old school. Kurt and Karofsky has a moment and Karofsky actually teared up and gave a genuine apologized to Kurt!

So onto the prom … New Directions members took turns singing so they’d all have a chance to enjoy the prom. Puck and Sam kicked things off with Rebecca Black’s Friday, the song has never sounded better (not like that was difficult). Rachel slowed things down with Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. Finn couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

While Blaine sang, I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You, by Black Kids (yes, that's the name of the group and no there are no black kids in it), Finn couldn’t take watching Jesse and Rachel have a good time. He picked a fight with Jesse and got them both kicked out.

Then the drama got ratcheted up even more when the king and queen were announced. The king was Karofsky (don't really see how that happened) and the queen ... by a massive write-in campaign ... Kurt. He was mortified and ran out of the prom in tears! Quinn was mortified to ... like how could she not win? And lose to Kurt? And, her boyfriend wasn't even there because he got kicked out of the prom while fighting over another girl?

It was all too much for Quinn who ran into the bathroom followed by Rachel. Overcome with emotion (rage, humiliation, jealousy), she reached back into the 80's and gave Rachel a Dynasty-esque slap that would make Alexis Carrington proud (don't know what I'm talking about? Check this out, right at 46 seconds). Quinn immediately apologized for the slap but Rachel took it in stride saying she appreciated the 'drama of it.'

The two of them headed back into the prom along with Kurt and Blaine. Kurt, determined not to let these homophobic high schoolers get the best of him, accepted his prom queen crown ("Kate Middleton, eat your heart out"). As he and Karofsky descended the stairs for their 'dance' Kurt urged Karofsky to come out of the closet but he just wasn't ready to do it, leaving Kurt on the dance floor alone. Of course, Blaine wasn't having that and the two of them danced together to Abba's Dancing Queen.

Just two episodes left!

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