Monday, May 23, 2011

If The Show is Called Glee Then Why Am I Crying?

By this point, I'd broken down in tears
at least three ... maybe four times!
Wow. I have to say I’ve stopped reading a lot of the spoilers regarding Glee. I kind of prefer watching the episode and watching the action unfold in the actual episode. So, I knew there was going to be a death but I didn’t know who.

Well, the show unfolded along two tracks and the musical track wasn’t as nearly as powerful. Jesse St. James came on board to help coach New Directions. He wanted the ‘stars’ to compete for the ‘starring’ role in their National debut. So Santana, Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel auditions. Santana sang Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black for her audition. Jesse wasn’t impressed. He also didn’t get Kurt singing Some People from the musical Gypsy. It was, after all, written for and sung by a woman. Mercedes killed on Try a Little Tenderness but Jesse didn’t think she was winning to put in the work. Of course, Rachel brought down the house on My Guy. Jesse had hoped she was singing to him and even though she said she wasn’t thinking about anyone (her thoughts turned to Finn). Jesse felt Rachel was a shoo-in but Shue overrode him and decided that they’d perform original songs as a group.

However, Becky and her mom approached Shue about letting Becky in the glee club. Sue let her go from her position as personal assistant for the Cheerios. Shue couldn’t believe it and immediately went to confront her. If Becky reminded her of her sister why would she fire her? Expecting a fight, he was shocked when Sue revealed that her sister Jean had died of pneumonia. Of course, when he tried to reach out to her, she rebuffed him.

The two New Directions members most familiar with death, Kurt and Finn, also reached out. Sue said if they wanted to help, they could help her clean out Jean’s room and plan the funeral (she wanted the Glee club there to make sure that there would be a few people at the service). While cleaning up, they did, they found out that Jean’s favorite movie was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and they used that theme for the service.

As she entered the service, Sue was touched to see a packed house. Other patients, staff from the facility, all of the people Jean touched were there. When she stepped up to deliver her comments, she couldn’t do it, so Shue stepped in and finished reading them for her. I was sobbing at this point. New Directions ended the service with Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I was still sobbing.

After it was all over, Sue apologized to Shue for being so anti-New Directions. She told him that he and her sister shared a sense of goodness and that she was going to turn a new leaf. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds next season.

Finally, we got some serious character development from Sue. She was becoming a one-note character. Jane Lynch is a great actress and finally got to stretch and show some range. It was great to watch.

We also had some development from Finn (who I am completely over). In the truck after the service, Finn broke up with Quinn. Something in the service resonated with Finn and he left Quinn to go after Rachel. However, when he was finally ready to make his move, flower in hand, he walked into the auditorium to find Rachel kissing Jesse.

Cannot wait for next week? What will I do afterwards???

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