Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Idol: Top Three Revealed

The rocker rocks out!
The season is flying by. After tonight, there are just two more weeks of Idol! Instead of a group number, we kicked things off with two countrified duets. First up were James and Scotty doing Start a Band by Brad Paisely. While Scotty was definitely in his element, James (who continues to impress me) showed that the rocker boy has a little bit of good ol’ boy in him too! The girls did Gunpower and Lead by Miranda Lambert. Again, Lauren delivered; but it’s a country song so that is expected. Haley held her own.

Tonight, with just four left, Ryan announced who was making it into the Top 3. First to make it was Lauren. Before we could find out who was next, we had more musical guests.

I guess Gaga couldn’t make it, so we had a taped performance of her song You and I (the one Haley did the week before that didn’t impress the judges). I do have to give Gaga her props. She did a great job mentoring the contestants and I enjoyed her performance. Her outfit? Meh. It was a leather-studded bikini which proves my theory that it takes more than being thin to have a decent figure.

And it still wasn’t time for more results. We heard from the adorable Enrique Iglesias. He’s great to look at but as a singer? He was autotuned during his live performance of Dirty Dancer/I Like It. Dirty Dancer is a duet with Usher who couldn’t be there but was on a big screen looking like he was trying to bring back the high top fade (Seriously though, what was up with his hair?).

Ready for more results? I was … but not yet. We heard the new single from Season Six winner Jordin Sparks, I am Woman. She was trying to channel her inner Beyonce. She looked gorgeous but she needs to leave the dancing to Beyonce and J. Lo.

Now, I was really ready for some results! But … we had to see the world premiere of S Ty’s video Feels so Good featuring lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Now, some results. The second of the three finalist was Haley. Leaving just James and Scotty. I knew what would happen next. Scotty took the final seat … sending James home.

If it’s any consolation, Week 4 is the same week that rocker Chris Daughtry got sent home and he’s had an amazing career!

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