Monday, May 30, 2011

Glee: New York! New York!

It's taken me a while to write this recap because it's taken me a while to process it. I have to finally admit that as much as I wanted to love this episode, the last one of the season, I didn't. Despite some great character development, over all it left me a little let down.

I guess the biggest letdown was the music. I wasn't familiar with the Madonna New York song or the other song featured in the mash-up. I did like the energy of it though. The only song I thoroughly enjoyed was Rachel and Kurt's duet of For Good from Wicked. It was even better because they did it on the Wicked stage (and I saw Wicked performed there!). However, the rest of the songs were just okay.

During the competition, both New Directions original numbers were good but not great. And Vocal Adrenaline was a huge disappointment. Every other time we've been treated to a VA performance, it's been filled with choreography and showmanship. You can immediately see why they are the ones to beat. But a solo by Charice and that's it? Let down!

But let's move on to the plot. Hated how Shue gave up on his dream so quickly (his song was forgettable too). Why not just stay in NYC over the summer and then go back to Lima?

I did love Finn chasing after Rachel. I do think that she caved a little too quickly though. The kiss during their performance was great but again, ... too soon. I kept wating for Rachel to get mad. I mean this guy has been stringing her along almost all season. He couldn't forgive her for making out with Puck, which she admitted to him in an attempt to be completely honest. Yet, he could forgive Quinn for sleeping with Puck (not to mention losing her virginity to him), and then trying to pin a pregnancy on him. Not to mention, he lost his virginity to Santana of all people. Rachel has so much passion about her career but acts like a complete doormat when it comes to Finn.

Anyway, as much as I hated the Vocal Adrenaline performance, I loved their coach Dustin Goolsby who actually (unlike Sue) still has a reason to hate New Directions. They're the competition! He did his best to play a mind game on the kids by telling them of Shue's Broadway adventure. However, he had the best lines of the night at the bar with Shue! I absolutely want to see more of him next season. Hopefully, we'll see more of VA and the Warblers too.

Blaine telling Kurt that he loved him was perfect as was Kurt's shocked expression. I mean, it came out of nowhere but I'm sure he was thrilled to hear it (because he obviously loves Blaine too).

And finally, maybe Ryan Murphy has been reading my blog, some love for Mercedes! And with Sam no less! As soon as they walked into the coffee shop, I knew they were together! And I've read since the finale that they will be a couple at the beginning of next season as well. Hopefully, maybe we'll get to see more of Mercedes back story ... maybe even meeting her parents, which I would love.

So we're off for the summer. I'll be combing the web for Glee news over the summer, so when I find it, I'll post it here!

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